Sarah Kane


Born 1952 (Artistic Associate, Acting and Speech)
Trained in Rudolf and Marie Steiner’s Creative Speech and in Michael Chekhov’s approach to acting and theater in Germany, Switzerland and Britain.
From 1989-96 she was head of the Speech and Drama program at Emerson College, UK, where she taught Creative Speech and Michael Chekhov’s approach to acting, and researched their interconnections. Ms. Kane co-founded The Michael Chekhov Centre UK in 1995, to promote and develop Chekhov’s artistic legacy; she then founded ‘threshold theatre’ in 1997, to further investigate Chekhov’s techniques in rehearsal and performance.

She performed regularly as a speaker for movement companies and as an actor in the UK for fifteen years. Ms. Kane became a freelance teacher, director and performer between 1996 and 2002, working regularly in Europe, Britain and the United States. She taught Creative Speech at the University of Plymouth, UK, and the Chekhov approach at Cygnet Training Theatre in Exeter and at The London Centre for Theatre Studies. In 2002 she became Artistic Associate at the Stanislavsky Theater Studio in Washington DC, with responsibility for ensemble speech and acting, as well as performing and directing in the company.

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