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Anna-Katharina Andrees


born 1977 in Berlin

Anna-Katharina Andrees studied theatre in Berlin at the European theatre institute
from 2000-2003. She has been working as theatre-teacher since 1998.
Anna-Katharina is certificated teacher of the Michael Chekhov technique, studied
competences for dance- teaching at Seneca Intensive in Berlin and the basic
program of the Rosalia Chladek- System® in Vienna. Already as a teenager Anna-
Katharina Andrees got in touch with the Michael Chekhov Technique through her
father Jörg Andrees, who is working as teacher and director in the Michael
Chekhov Technique since 30 years. In 2005 Anna-Katharina got in contact with
Circus. Working as trainer, teacher and director for shows & music Anna-Katharina got more interested in combining her knowledge of the Michael Chekhov technique with movement and dance, theatre and circus-arts. Anna-Katharina Andrees is founder of the Zentrum für bewegte Kunst e.V (ZBK) Berlin. /

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