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Singing Techniques for Actors Performers Singers

April 22, 2019 - April 26, 2019
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Werbeck-Svärdström and Michael Chekhov Technique

Two unique techniques for the stage will meet at this workshop. Participants will cover some effective training elements of the Werbeck Technique to enable a free voice for singing. Werbeck exercises covered will be invaluable to your on-going personal training. The Chekhov Technique will work with imagination and psychological gesture to support a free and fluid interpretation of the songs.

Olga Gorodkova (Singer, Director of ASAI) &
Joerg Andrees (Theatre/Film Director, Director of MCIA)

It seems a parallel journey: nearly at the same time, when M.Chekhov is developing his acting technique V.Werbeck-Svärdström develops her unique technique for healthy singing and unveiling the human voice.
Both techniques – V.Werbeck’s and M.Chekhov’s – are based on the same background. Their knowledge and search for and deeper understanding of the human being and the artistic tools helped them do create their practical and approach for their art.

This Workshop will introduce the actor/performer/singer to the basic tools for and the understanding of the free voice for singing. Some of the exercises and training elements of the Werbeck Technique will get studied and prepared for further individual use. Specific applied elements of Chekhov Technique will support the actor/singer for the aim of a free and fluid interpretation oft its songs. Among other things the work with Imagination and Psychological Gesture applied to the singing get studied.

The workshop will have two parts:
1st for working in the group for the basic training (Voice and Acting Technique) and 2nd for individual work on a song (both for Voice an Interpretation).
Please bring 2 songs you already had or would like to work on (with the written music and text), even when you can’t sing from the written music.

Limited to 12 people.
Costs: early booking until 01th March: 390,-€
After 01th March: 440,-€
Passive Participation: 200,- € (only when booked in advance)
50,-€ non-refundable application/booking fee – will become part of the full payment.

Workshop 22.04. (begins 17.00) – 26.04.2019 (ending 19.00)
Dayly from 10.00 to 19.00; breaks included

For further information:
Start: April 22, 2019
End: April 26, 2019
Cost: 440€
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